Berlin – October 2008

Treinreiswinkel - Nederlandse Spoorwegen / Deutsche Bahn


Deutsche Bahn

Report a long weekend in Berlin, because of
my parent’s 30 year marriage anniversary.
17 October 2008 to 20 October 2008.

Day 1 – Friday 17 October 2008
The Netherlands Amsterdam – Germany Berlin

At 9:45 I took the bus towards the train station of Duivendrecht where the Intercity to Amersfoort would depart from.
The train left at 10:34. My parents, Rianne (my sister) & Gerben (Rianne’s boyfriend) arrived a little before 10:30.
We had to board a different train at Amersfoort, the International train to Berlin. As we arrived from Duivendrecht just a little past 11, we had time enough to have a drink in one of the restaurants in the station.

After finishing our drinks we returned to the platform to wait in the right spot for the train. As we had reserved seats in the train (wagon 6) we had to wait at box D. Once onboard we quickly found our seats, we didn’t have to kick anyone out of the seats. Too bad, would have been fun! Gerben sat next to a German, my parents next to each other and I sat next to Rianne.

En route we entertained ourselves by playing games on our phones, Nintendo’DS and an “old fashioned” game of cards called Skipbo. Also I did a couple of sudoku’s and listened to some music. The scenery outside wasn’t very interesting. The whole trip lasted for about 6½ hours.

Around 17:30 we arrived in Berlin, at the central station (Hauptbahnhof). A very nice architectural building, so the first pictures during this trip where made there. Also we bought 72 hour valid public transportation tickets for zones A & B.

After we bought the tickets we used the S-bahn to reach station “Zoologischer Garten” in the district of Charlottenburg, the hotel is located there.
In a book my parents found the address, after exiting the station…
Once there we saw a very nice 4 star rated hotel, luxury, comfort, the works! But then the lady behind the reception told us they couldn’t find our reservation in the system. Apparently a lot of tourists end up at the wrong address. She told us we arrived at Hotel Savoy instead of Pension Savoy. Lucky for us, it wasn’t very far away. My TomTom on my phone confirmed that.

Once we arrived at the correct hotel in a street next to the famous Kurfürstendamm) it smelled like a burial chamber because of the lilies in the hall way. Fortunately it wasn’t noticeable in the rooms. My parents and Gerben & Rianne both had a double bedroom, I was giving a single room. After settling in and turning off the heating immediately (it was hot as an oven in there) and opened the windows we headed for the center of Berlin for dinner, armed with camera’s of course!

From the hotel we walked to the bus stop at the Hardenbergplatz, a square next to the station where we got off the train. We used bus number 100 to get to the center. This bus passes a lot of highlights. All of them were lit beautifully! Apparently there was a “Festival of Lights” in Berlin, this weekend! Very nice to look at, but making pictures from it by hand doesn’t provide very good pictures. I did pack my tripod, but didn’t bring it with me this evening, left it in the hotel. Definitely something to go back for tomorrow night!

After looking around for a bit and searched for a restaurant with an available table we ended up at a typical German restaurant. I didn’t mind at all to eat some real German food, that’s one of things you have to do when you are in Germany! We started with a wild mushroom soup, everyone choose pork as a main course, only then prepared in different ways. Of course all this food had to be accompanied with a large pint of German beer, Berliner!
The food was very good and not much was left on the plates. After shooting some funny pictures of each other we walked back towards the bus to return to the hotel. Of course some pictures of lit objects where made en route.

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  1. Leonie

    Hey! Cool verslag + gave foto’s 🙂
    En je bent zelfs in het mooie Twentse Oldenzaal geweest 😛
    Ik krijg alweer helemaal zin in Duits eten als ik het zo lees :9

  2. Daniël


    Jouw verslagen zijn altijd geweldig :D. Ik ben pas in Brussel geweest met mijn vriendin, maar heb dan echt geen zin om zo’n uitgebreid ding te klussen. ;). Jij wel en da’s tof :D.



  3. Cees

    Fraai opgebouwde site. Helder en duidelijk. Goed Berlijn verslag. Zelfs plaatsen die ik na heel veel keren in Berlijn te zijn geweest, nog niet had gezien, zijn aanwezig. Heel mooi!
    Ga vooral zo door!


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