Barcelona – October / November 2008

Day 5 – Sunday 2 November 2008
SpainBarcelona – Nederland Amsterdam

Last night I had set the alarm to extra loud and put it next to my pullow, in case I would sleep through the alarm. I woke up way before the alarm was set to go off (05:30). I didn’t feel like having a shower, so I was ready in no time to depart. The key had to be left at the empty reception desk. After a short walk towards the subway station and a ride in the subway towards the station Barcelona Sants Estació, I arrived with plenty of time to make the transfer to the train towards the airport. It would depart at 06:25, a few minutes before the departure time it arrived. My last trip in Barcelona.

Upon arrival I went to the check in desk to check in. A nice seat was available. After passing the passport control quickly, the airplane wasn’t a the gate yet. So I walked around the terminal for a bit. When I returned to the gate the airplane had arrived. It turned out the be the PH-HZL (Boeing 737-800). When boarding the aircraft I asked for a quick chat/visit to the cockpit and for a copy of the flightplan, but both my requests were denied. Toobad, perhaps the same captain as on the way over here.

I used my TomTom again to monitor the departure and the approach. I was lucky when arriving in Dutch airspace, as there weren’t many clouds. I managed to shoot some nice pictures from The Netherlands. Also I made some pictures of my office building, I had a good view of it as I was landing on the Zwanenburgbaan (18C).

After arrival I walked to the train, and after a transfer at Amsterdam Central Station I was home.

Numbers: 553 photos, enough for 3.7GB.

The best pictures of this journey are available in a dedicated Gallery.

Today’s route:

Slideshow with music with the best photo’s of this trip:

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  1. Patrice

    Hey Arnoud,

    Leuk om je verslagje te lezen!!
    Des te meer omdat ik er zelf ook pas drie weken geleden ben geweest.
    Ik vond het ook een zeer mooie stad, het was een geslaagd weekend.
    Tja tips komen nu te laat he ;-D
    Wens je alvast een hele mooie ervaring/vakantie toe eind deze maand.

    Gr. Patrice

  2. Bianca

    Hoi hoi,

    heel leuk dit allemaal te lezen. Wij gaan in mei een week naar Barcelona en ben mij dus aan het inlezen. Via je verhaal heb ik veel op mijn lijst kunnen zetten en zal ik eens routes uit gaan stippelen via onze GPS, met deze mooie plekjes en wie weet vallen er nog wat geocaches te combineren!

    Bedankt voor dit mooie verslag!


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