Mexico, Belize, Honduras & Guatemala – November / December 2008


Report of my 16 day journey to Mexico, Belize, Honduras & Guatemala.
25 November 2008 to 10 December 2008.

Day 1 – Tuesday 25 November 2008

The Netherlands Amsterdam – Mexico Cancún

This morning I woke up before my alarm went off. After a shower and a sandwich I grabbed my bags and left for Schiphol Airport at 08:00. At Schiphol I visited the ABN Amro office near departures hall 3 to pick up the Mexican Pesos and American Dollars I ordered.

The Fox travel documents mentioned I had to report to the Fox desk at departures hall 3. I noticed some other people who were waiting there. I decided to see what Fox had to give and report to me. Nothing cheerful, the plane that was scheduled for our flight (PH-MCH) had been used for a different flight, as their plane broke down. Bummer, this would mean a delay of 2 hours. The airplane we would fly with would be the PH-MCI, still en route from Havana. Martinair offered a coupon with a value of €2,50.
Delay or no delay, I wanted to get rid of my suitcase. After checking in the suitcase and me it was time to meet the rest of the group.
The group consisted of the following persons:

SuzanneMartina (Tour guide)

Everyone had booked separately and no one knew one and other at the start of this trip.
Some people met at the Fox Sound & Light Show in October.

Once the group was complete and introductions were made, the entire group passed customs to have a drink and to get to know one and other. When everyone finished the free drink (Coffee, Tea or Jus d’ Orange), it was time to stretch your legs.
The group split up into smaller groups. Together with Carina and Peter I walked down a couple of the piers and of course supplied them with information on the different types of aircraft at the gates.

Around 13:00 it was time for boarding. At the security check I was forced to take off my shoes. Apparently because they contain metal strips. First time for everything, as I had flown wearing these shoes many times. I thought we were going to Mexico, not the United States?

After photographing the airplane, boarding started. Of course I was one of the first to board and I was allowed to visit the cockpit. A copy of the flight plan wasn’t possible as they only had 1, and that copy would have to be returned to the Dutch Aviation Authority. I was allowed to make a picture of the short track.
Next I went to my seat (6A) next to Kees. After sitting down, I activated my GPS tracker. Shortly after takeoff from the “Polderbaan” (36L) the tracker lost its signal. Either my phone or the GPS module in it couldn’t keep up. So the planned GPS tracking of the flight wouldn’t be made. Hopefully it will work properly in the bus in Mexico.
After takeoff a course towards the west was set. Above the United Kingdom a Boeing 747-400 of Lufthansa was passing us overhead. I managed to make an air to air shot of it.

Around 14:00 food was served. The choice was chicken or pasta. I selected the pasta, didn’t taste bad. The red wine that accompanied it wasn’t very good. One might expect something better when traveling Comfort Class. Although the Martinair Comfort Class isn’t much extra. Some extra leg space, a portable entertainment system (no screen in the chair in front of you), most of the movies on the system I had already seen and some tea/coffee with a bonbon and liquor.

During the flight I did watch one movie, Get Smart. After the food had been eaten, the cabin crew served coffee and tea with cognac and baileys. I managed to score 3 ‘shots’.

I didn’t use the entertainment system much, didn’t provide a good viewing experience. So I spend my time with chatting with other members of the group. Some of them visited from the economy class. I also went there for a chat. When the cabin crew started to serve a snack, I went back, didn’t want to miss that!

At sunset we flew across the southern part of Florida. I tried to make a picture of Miami International Airport, but unfortunately our flight path was directly across the airport, so making a picture didn’t work out. I did manager to capture Miami itself.
When it was almost dark outside, and if you looked very carefully one could see Cuba in the distance.

After the descent towards Cancun had started, it got dark pretty fast. The landing was at runway 30. Disembarking and picking up the luggage went pretty smooth. The final baggage check involved a random selection. There was a button, when you pressed it, and if the light turned red you were asked to open up your suitcase. Outside our tour guide Martina was already waiting for us. After loading the suitcases into the bus we drove to our hotel (Hotel View Mediterrando) in about 20 minutes.

At the hotel Martina handed out the keys to our rooms. I received a nice large room, a bit stuffy though. Next I went downstairs to buy a bottle of water and maybe to get something to eat.
An ATM machine was also located downstairs, Marloes decided to withdrawal some cash. Unfortunately the ATM machine decided to reboot and not to return her bankcard. We had to look for another ATM machine, After looking around it was found and looted. Next a small number of people went to have some dinner.
I didn’t feel like eating and went back to my room to get some sleep.

Today’s route:
Cancún Airport – Hotel

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  1. Martina

    Ola Arnoud, inderdaad 16 paginas is wel heel veel. toch vond ik het een heel goed verslag. ook de fotos erbij zijn heel leuk. zelfs de gps kaart is leuk. bedankt en groetjes martina

  2. Anouk

    Hey Arnoud,

    Het duurde fftjes om je hele verslag te lezen, maar erg indrukwekkend!! Altijd fijn om je reizen terug te lezen. Mooie foto’s ook. Zo krijg je wel een goed beeld 😀



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